Pulley, Wheel, Lever and More Need a Lift? Try a Pulley! 3 months ago   08:28

Mocomi brings to you an interesting compilation of simple machines. These simple machines use the fundamental law of forces and mechanics to carry out very simple movements. These in turn can be used to create machines that we see around us in our everyday lives.

Do watch our interesting animations of pulleys, wheel and axle, levers, inclined planes, screw and wedge and learn simple science laws.

Pulley is a simple machine and comprises of a wheel on a fixed axle, with a groove along the edges to guide a rope or cable.

The “Wheel and axle” solves this problem in jiffy!

The lever is one of the most basic forms of a machine. They help us lift loads with lesser effort. Even though this looks simple there are many things going on in order to lift the object easily.

An inclined plane is a ramp that assists moving heavy objects up and down heights. It is a plane surface set at an angle, other than a right angle, against a horizontal surface.

A screw is one of the most commonly used mechanical devices in the world. It is machine that converts rotational motion into linear motion.

The wedge is the active twin of the inclined plane and one of the six classical simple machines. Unlike an inclined plane, which is stationary, a wedge does useful work by moving.

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Video Start Time :
00:01 Pulley
01:30 Wheel and Axle
03:09 Lever
04:14 Inclined plane
05:40 Screw
07:00 Wedge

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Need a Lift? Try a Pulley! Pulley, Wheel, Lever and More 3 months ago   03:27

Jessi and Squeaks just got a new telescope, and they can't wait to check out the night sky! But there's just one problem: it's too heavy to bring up the stairs into the observatory! Join them as they learn about a simple machine that can help them solve their problem: the pulley!
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