Learn Colors with Dinosaurs Top 10 Dino Songs - Dinosaur Songs 1 day ago   14:14

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Learn Colors with Dinosaurs For Kids | Educational Video | Toy Dinosaurs for Children | Ani King

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Top 10 Dino Songs - Dinosaur Songs Learn Colors with Dinosaurs 1 day ago   21:49

Here is our take on our top 10 Dinosaur Songs! What do you think of our list?

This compilation video includes:
0:00 Parasaurolophus
1:32 Diplodocus
2:40 Velociraptor
4:50 T-Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex
6:26 Brontosaurus is Back
8:05 Stegosaurus
9:58 Jenny Was An Ankylosaurus
12:38 Giganotosaurus
14:44 Dinosaur Battles | No Don't Eat Me
18:48 Brachiosaurus

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All Songs Words and music by Mike Whitla
© 2011 Rock'n'Rainbow Music Publishing

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Music about Dinosaurs

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