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Genevieve's Playhouse - Toy Learning for Kids
Best Color Learning Videos for Toddlers - Preschool Educational Pop Up Toys and Ball Pounding Tables! Two of our best and most popular toddler learning videos for kids, featuring ball pounding toys and pop up toys for kids!

First learning video is:
Best Toddler Learning Video for Kids: Teach Kids with Fun Preschool Toy Ball Pounding Benches! Teach kids colors and counting with a variety of the best preschool toy ball pounding benches in this educational learning video for toddlers and kids. In this learning video for kids we have four different preschool learning toy ball pounding benches, and each one has a different appeal for kids. There is a tall, colorful toy ball pounding bench, a silly one that spins balls 'round and 'round, a square tower that features four colorful balls that click-clack down the tower, and a musical toy bench that comes with a rainbow colored xylophone. Each of these educational toys offers a unique learning and playing experience for kids. Which one do you like the best? Let us know which of these great preschool learning toys featured in this video is your favorite!

And the next learning video is:
Best Baby Learning Video for Toddlers and Babies: Learn Colors with Fun Educational Pop Up Pal Toys! In this educational video for babies and toddlers, let's learn colors and counting with educational toy pop up pals for kids. First we have a colorful Sesame Street Popup toy with Ernie, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar. Next, toddlers will learn with fun pop up Dinosaur eggs with colorful eggs and shapes. Finally, let's learn colors and numbers with a fun popup pounding racecar playset with sorting garages and pounding hammer!

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Blippi and Airplanes for Kids | Educational Great Educational Toddler Toys 1 day ago   29:36

Blippi flies high in the sky in an airplane. Then lands on the water in the Blippi seaplane. This Blippi video is of airplanes for kids. Your child will love this educational video for toddlers because of Blippi and this seaplane song for kids. Blippi takes the seaplane toy and other machines for kids and sees what sinks of floats in the pool. You can watch more Blippi Toys at

Along with the Airplane Song and Seaplane Song, in this Blippi airplanes for kids video you will see Blippi doing a sink or float experiment. Blippi sink or float videos can be watched here:

Be sure to subscribe to Blippi and Blippi Toys at his two channels:

Blippi strives to make educational videos for toddlers and children. Blippi videos and Blippi's songs for toddlers are a safe way for your youngster to learn while having fun!

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