Earth Under Water in Next Catastrophe - Episode 2 - Snowball Earth 4 weeks ago   45:12

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Douglas Robert
they said 20 years, 20 years ago
sammy cat
So you block the sun and get rid of carbon and kill all life on earth genius no.
We love cricket
What a crock of bullshit. Humans evolved in 1500ppm co2, plant life loved it, at present levels they are gasping for life. Oh and don’t worry about “global warming”, there’s a mini ice age coming in 30-50years, this will wipe out most of the worlds grain crops, and most humans with it. “SAVE THE PLANET” ??? Lmfao...The planet does not need saving, humans do. Humans WILL be wiped off the planet, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.
Big Hands
Liberal propaganda at its best...ugh. Come on people, don't be a bunch of sheep and use your brains!!!!
Linda Smith
Carbon Co2 is GOOD for the planet you assholes!
Rod Crosser
Ryan Weller
you can reduce the amount of livestock by going vegan. less CO2, CH4, and N2O. Humans would be much healthier, and the environment would be less burdened. more public transportation. we can increase green energy solutions like wind, solar, and hydro. we can also buckle down on population restriction, and birth control. less people means less pollution. make ships wind powered again. over a generation fill homes with a gravity light (as a weight falls it turns a pulley and generates light over time as it falls). societal solutions like sharing wifi with your neighbor to reduce the number of routers. write a carbon tax for corporations. paint the roads white to defect light. the solution doesn't need to be one giant science project. it can be 50 different manageable fixes. but whatever we end up doing we still need to educate people how the problem started so they stop fueling the problem and so it doesn't get worse.
Jakub pogubila
4 years down 16 left to better move into double time.
Rudolph Theodore
This Hold (Earth Is Under Water) one only has to read the bible (King.James.Version 1611) or have it read to you 01Gen001. It's at the begin....but what do i know right! I;m just a Dad who eyes was open and saw it ...
User 63537
To save mankind
User 63537
Putin, Build a wall
Paul Stephens
snow has almost same reflective properties as glass and we know how to make it snow cant we use that ??
Ali Oliver
They have been cloud seeding for years and in 2014 they increased cloud seeding. Like someone said already what a load of crap. Ppl are waking up and looking up and now they have to make it seem as though some kind of technology must be invented to save the world. #1”They” are spraying the sky just look up#2 It is being done in order to cause disorder and commit mass genocide on a global scale. You can fool some of the ppl some of the time but you can’t fool all of the ppl all of the time.
I am going to start drinking more water now.
Ruben Lastra Jr
Paul D
Plants love co2. They are staving plants. It is called megafana.
Devon Mkay
What if we used those synthetic C02 capturing fiber to create energy from gases expanding.

Capture the C02. Then dump the thing in a ceiled water chamber with tubings and turbines for the gases to move. Allow the system to have a regulator on it so that the exhaust of the C02 can go to a green room of plants. Have a synthetic C02 fiber thing somewhere near the greenroom to capture excess C02. Alternate the fibers positions for a cycle. Therefore you will not need to use anymore fibers per setup.
Še ena packarija več! Vse boste naredili, samo ne boste se nehali brezglavo gonit!
i hope i get reborn as and alien >:)
Steve invisible
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Catastrophe - Episode 2 - Snowball Earth Earth Under Water in Next 4 weeks ago   48:03

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This spectacular five-part documentary series, presented by Tony Robinson, investigates the history of natural disasters, from the planet's beginnings to the present, putting a new perspective on our existence and suggesting that we are the product of catastrophe.

99% of all the creatures that have ever lived, no longer exist. They were wiped-out in a series of global catastrophes. Each disaster changed the course of evolution on earth. Without them mankind, nor any of the life we see around us, would be here today. For out of catastrophe comes rebirth. Evolution is a savage, imperfect and violent process. It's survive or perish. The earth's history of catastrophes has both moulded the planet and determined evolution. For each disaster led to another leap forward on the evolutionary trail form single celled bacteria to humankind itself.

Episode 2 - Snowball Earth

This programme delves into a world lying beneath a frozen surface. It is the greatest climate disaster ever to have hit Earth. 650 million years ago, a cataclysmic ice age sealed the entire planet beneath ice and snow, almost destroying life and turning the world into one huge snowball.

Snowball Earth uncovers the story behind one of the most controversial theories in science today. To investigate, the programme travels the world to follow scientists scouring southern Australia, Nevada's Death Valley and Alaskan glaciers for tantalising clues as to how our planet ran away into this doomsday scenario. The results could improve understanding of evolution and survival of life.

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