TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What PLEASE DONT WATCH THIS 2 days ago   01:27

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ - 연준 (YEONJUN)

Director : Oui Kim
Assistant Director : Hong Jaehwan, Moon Sug, Kim Yeonjin
Executive Producer : Yoo Jungwoo, Lumpens
Producer : EMMA Kim Sungeun
Production manager : Lee chanhee
Assist Producer : An Juyoung
Production Assistant : Lee Daehyuk, Lee Geonmo, Song eunchong
Director of Photography : EumKo
Focus Puller : Kim Duckjung , Ha Juyoung
2nd AC : Lee Youngwoo , Hwang Kyoha , Kim Sion , Kim Kihun
3rd AC : Ki Sunglim , Shin Taeseok
Jimmy Jib : Lee Dongjin , Ji Yungu
Grip : Nam Hyunsoo
Phantom Operator : Oh Soni , Choi Sangrin
Gaffer : Yoon Seungnam
Lighting Crew : Park Hyuk, Lee Seongil, Kim Mincheol, Kim Seonho, Choi Hanwook
Location Manager : Jang Sepil
Art Director : Kim Suji
Art Crew : Choi Hayoung, Lee Soyoung, Kim Sohee, Ahn Hunmin, Kang Mijin

BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea



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Arials sanchez
Jeon Tanvi
*since you are the fans pick the fandom name :*

*1- TxTies*
*2- multiples*
*3- Navy*
12345678910 1234
When will this boys Debut? I'm so excited
Stunning Anonymously
Bianca Siqueira
It looks like the mix of Jisung and Bae jinyoung from Wanna one 👀
* 쏘댕이*
Amino Slime kg
Русские лайкаем что бы амереканцы подумали что я написала что то интеречное
방탄을 왜따라해̆̈ 햍ㅋ
Ricardo De La Rosa
Ahora tendre que aprender morse para saber el mensaje
alexandrea e.
ummmmmm what did the morse code say
Dayarett Gonzalez
Xd que lendo
This the new bts r wat
Low key looks like s.coups sometimes
b a k a y a r o !
it'a a joke?
Ana Karen Magaña
Nadie va a aser igual que TAE y jungkook
Ellos son únicos
Ana Karen Magaña
Txt nunca se va a comparar con BTS
BTS es muchisisisisisisimo mejor que txt
BTS es unico, los chicos son únicos, nadie va a aser igual que BTS
Todos los miembros de bts son únicos y todos los adoramos y siempre apoyaremos a BTS
Thiên Bình Đặng
TXT LÀ CÁI. LỒN SÚC vật chưa tiến hóa biến đi
Holy Jisoos Christ
Is that morse code at the end?
Cassy Cat
I wonder why the morse at the end says " D R E A M I N G "
Viviana Carreño
es mejor BTS definitivamente
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PLEASE DONT WATCH THIS TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What 2 days ago   3:02:21


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