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Julie paints with Chase and Dash
Blippi spends the day with a Backhoe in this diggers for children video. The Blippi Backhoe video is a fun way for children to watch educational videos while learning about their favorite construction vehicles. Blippi makes educational videos for children and toddlers and in this Backhoe excavator video Blippi teaches all about diggers and construction trucks for children even fun songs for kids like the backhoe dance song. You can watch and subscribe to more Blippi videos at

Or even watch the full Blippi playlist of Blippi songs for kids and educational videos for toddlers and kids at

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🔴🔵 Car Toons cars and trucks Blippi backhoe dance full 3 months ago   00:00

Watch Car Toons kids cartoons at First Toons channel for children! Learn kids vehicles & street vehicles names with cars and trucks. Play with police car, fire truck, garbage truck, bus for kids and other cars for kids!
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