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Road Safety for Children | Traffic Rules And Signs For Kids | Kids Educational Video

Road safety is the protection And prevention of road accidents by using all the road safety measures. Let's understand The Road Safety rules with the help of this video.

Red Light: Stop
Yellow Lght: Slow Down
Green Light: Go

Everyone should strictly follow all the rules, regulations and signs of road traffic lights.

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Squid frick
It has no effort in the animation 3/10
Teddy Beddy
miguel avila
okay ill do da traffic rules
ramachandran nair
The video gives good information.
Naira Kapoor
nice video
Aman Kumar
Nice initiative towards ROAD SAFETY…Follow traffic rules, save your future!!! TruckSuvidha has initiated Ustaad-a slogan writing competition on road safety to aware people. Support the initiative.
Sreenivas Reddy
Natasha Kershaw
Imagine if the colours were mixed up or reversed, and everyone had a nasty but amusing accident ..
MK Super Songs
Nice clip
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Baby and Mom "i want ice cream" - Simple Road Safety video || Traffic 1 day ago   02:46

Baby and Mom "i want ice cream" - Simple Animation for kids

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