HOW DO YOUR BODY PARTS WORK? Tom & Jerry | Best of Tuffy Compilation 1 day ago   43:03

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Hi Friends, Enjoy this non stop back to back learning episodes on the topic " HOW DO YOUR BODY PARTS WORK". Dr. Binocs presents you with a 43min Compilation of all the knowledge regarding all your body parts. DO SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS TO ENJOY TOGETHER. LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to PEEKABOO KIDZ for more fun learning videos :D


1) How does your heart work - 00:45
2) How does your Brain work - 03:50
3) How does your Skin work - 08:00
4) How your Urinary System works - 12:25
5) How your Nose works - 15:30
6) How your Hair works - 19:50
7) How your Nails works - 23:25
8) How your Ears work - 27:25
9) How your Teeth Works - 31:00
10) How your Tongue works - 36:00
11) How your Muscles work - 39:59

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Peekaboo Kidz
Thank you for watching Friends 😀
Amazing answers,keep commenting and do post your requests to Dr. Binocs, only on Peekaboo Kidz and learn more!
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monika tyagi
East or West Dr Binocs show is the best
Za Gagliardi
Sebastian Lindstrom
hi peekaboo kidz
narwhale kittens
Dr binocs maybe hair helps us notice genders
Lavi Rastogi
Doctor Vinod you are amazing
Andres Falquez
I love dr binocs
Dinosaur Knower
Dr.binocs were mammals
Kavya Agrawal
Please please make videos on class 8 Sst.......... Cordially requesting...... Exams are coming soon!!!
Lavi Rastogi
It's very cool
Lavi Rastogi
Your all videos are amazing
Kristienne Gail Torres
The baby of a duck is ducking p.p.rana
I also have subscribed and clicked on the bell
Amanda Causey
Losing some hair every day is not true it’s false
I like your videos! 11:46 pee ewwwwwww!
shahinara marine
I like to eat and smell milk
shahinara marine
Orlando Sanchez-Gutierrez
To much information brobro!!!!!!!!!!!! p.p.rana
The dog p.p.rana
I want to know about the evolution of our 🐶
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Tom & Jerry | Best of Tuffy Compilation HOW DO YOUR BODY PARTS WORK? 1 day ago   19:16

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