Boats for Kids with Blippi Magic Job Box - Professions - Firefighter 1 day ago   08:45

Learn about boats for kids with Blippi. This is the Blippi jet ski video. The Explore a jet ski video with Blippi will teach your child about colors and see inside Blippi's jet ski's engine. For more boat videos for children and other educational videos for kids click here

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Blippi Boat Song

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Yadira Calixto
The sunblock is mayonnaise
Soo cool blipi i support all youre videos blippi
Prereupa Dlima
This was great
Justin Decena
geraldine down
I don't know why you put mayonnaise on your face, I can't sleep
chris quesada
my son loves your show bro.keep up the good work..
geraldine down
The wrapper said real mayonnaise
Caitlyn plays And swims
I love you 😘 ❤️ Blippi
Blayn Burns
my boy wants to watch the the other jet ski come to the rescue! make a part 2 lol
Family Kon
Long Dang
i like the video
why did u pur mayonnaise on ur face thats gross
Renato Pilatti
1:25 mayyonesa XD
Esti Honig
It was scary when it looked like you were sinking
kevin deosingh
my brother really likes your vides he loves them he watches them every day
Mark Colussy
"Kinda tastes like Mayonnaise" Cracks me up every time!! My boys can't read yet, so they don't understand why I'm laughing LOL
How'd you get the lake all to yourself?
Nerissa Zamora
hey Blippi, did you actually use mayonnaise?
Tyrolee Darville
Blippi your a Great Role Model!!!
Anna Ruybe
Yay thank you for the new video
My son will enjoy this
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Magic Job Box - Professions - Firefighter Boats for Kids with Blippi 1 day ago   12:01

Magic Job Box - Professions - Firefighter

"What do I want to be when I grow up?" The Magic Job Box gives children aged 3 to 6 a fun way to explore this most important question, through on-the-job journeys with the hilarious Mitch, a live action human and his animated friend Max. In each episode, they dig into The Magic Job Box to find the clothing and tools for a mystery profession. What will we be today? Doctors? Firefighters? Racecar drivers? Kids will laugh so hard while learning with Mitch and Max all there is to know about the professions, they will wonder why anyone calls it "work".

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