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CamIAm Toys
CamIAm Toys is a unique learning channel that is focused towards young children between 1 and 4 years old, like Camden
CamIAm pretend plays with Daddy to teach everyone all the colors of the rainbow with the help of Slime.
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Hope you enjoy our version of the Finger Family Nursery Rhyme Song

Camden, aka Cam I am, and Daddy teach all of their friends all about the colors of the rainbow with the help from Slime. The colors we find are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Hope you guys learned and had so much fun from Cam I am.

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Daniel Sorrell
Cool slime!
anabel martinez
You are cool
Ramiro Hernandez
I want to see you guys in my birthday I love your video and watch this episode
Archie Begg
Soo cute
Margaret Holden
Like it but this is going to be the most embarrassing video when you grow up :/
yugioh beyblade
very good video
Nurmawan Kalit
Good lukc cam
Bujor Alin Daniel
Khalid Minott
Nick Nicks
Hey people that watch and I am you know that the music is copyrighted
Loci Fun
Loci Fun
Anne Marie Miller
I liked
Mac Sack
I like camiam and I am a huge of twin toys fan
L18o RobloxMining
loave this
Ninja Gamer
I starting to love the slime
elizabeth zarate
Elias McDaniel
You guys should try to make real slime
Josiah Palmer
i love u guys so much sorry i was not awake for me its 844 i just got up but ill be here next time but love u guys and u inspierd me to make my youtube chanle so bye guys love the vids
Nascar Channel
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Psi Patrol Po Polsku 2018 💙 Learning Colors with CamIAm, 1 day ago   10:06

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