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Teacher and photographer Jens Emil Asp has two years of experience behind the camera making educational videos at university level. Here is his take on: “How to make educational videos”.

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The science in this video:

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A survey about online videos (2013)

A video by and about Derek Muller on “Effectiveness of Science Videos” (2011)

The script:
This video is for teachers who want´s to teach using a videocamera. It´s relevant to teachers doing online classes, the flipped classroom thing, Khan Academy or if you think that your students could benefit from a video with you teaching. Welcome to Plan Ed!

A great educational video could possible be true and relevant for thousands of years!
If teachers made good educational videos, it would be way easier to be a student because great teachers could be teaching thousands of students.

I’m making this video because a lot of educational videos today are full of knowledge and information, but are not making the students learn a whole lot.

So let’s go
The start of the video should be something that grabs your attention, and makes you want to keep watching. And from then you got to keep it interesting. But how?

My tip is to approach the recording session as you would going to a party. Take on your best cloths and try to be the most engaging version of yourself as possible.

Talk precise, be transparent and stay on topic.

If you are eye-wandering or doing weird things with your body it is going to painful to watch.

Try focus on the camera. But off course, every rule can be broken. And too much eye contact can be too intense.

You should tell early in your video why they have to watch this, why is this knowledge important?

Then explain the concepts with a variety of approaches. Do, show and tell. Have fun. Use metaphors and analogies like a greek philosopher.

In a video like this, why is a question a good way to transform knowledge? My answer is that you activate your students current knowledge and then they can build on and compare that to what the teacher is saying. I believe this is the most important thing in teaching: Tie new material to something they already understand.

Challenge the misconceptions. If you do, you will increase learning and the students will invested more mental effort.

Tell your students: This is not entertainment. So put some effort into focus!

You should master these tools:

Pause for effect. When your sentence is complicated or very important take a short break.

Use a decent amount of body language. The best CUT from one scene to another is in a movement.

Voice control. Use the whole spectrum of your voice, change your pitch up and change your pitch down.

Cut the crap: There is no reasons why your name, problem or the title should be brought up a million times.

Don’t let your video have unnecessary content, words or breaks,

Ehhh, I am not so sure about this one but I don’t think your video should contain excuses either, i’m sorry.

That´s it, This video is over. You can round it up a long time before the video is done.

Now the people who are watching just for the knowledge can leave. And the people who are super-engaged can get to know more about other stuff.

Filming yourself teaching is called micro-teaching and is according to John Hattie one of the 4 most effective ways for people to learn*.

Keep your videos high quality, high content, prepare and practice. Your students deserve nothing less.

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Thank you for this rare video. I might have some other questions about videomaking for education. Can I contact with you :)
Ci0 mio
i need to solve math problems on a pdf file. and i want to record my screen when the pdf is active. i need to be able to zoom or scroll the pdf and i will write on the pdf file with digital pen. how can i do that ?
Mr Kolber's Teaching
Seems like good advice but your video is quite hard to follow.
shuang chen
Thank you for your share! I think this video is really useful for person who involved in a making process of educational video. People who do not watch or make a video before almost know nothing for these techniques.
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