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Peekaboo Kidz
Thank you for watching Friends 😀
Amazing answers,keep commenting and do post your requests to Dr. Binocs, only on Peekaboo Kidz and learn more!
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Erwin Pabalan
Gultion Ara Tahira
IM In🏅🏅🏅🏅
Karl Anthony A. Diaz
Me too i love to be part of it☺☺☺☺
Liz Flores
I love Dr. Bionics ❤️
Ehab Al Tarhuni
I love your videos so much!!!!!
Cadi Sani
Hi doctor binocs llllllllll
Manisha Ganguli
Where is your Christmas tree episode
Willer Hon
Please discuss how the eyes work?
Neeraja movie
Biodigrad able
Abhi Shek
I am not understanding that for this channel only 282k subscribers🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Immu Pv
I love dr binocs show😙😜😜😉😍
Immu Pv
I watched all of your shows
Kalyan Singha
Can you make me a part of the peekaboo family.?I'm MISS ANGELIN SINGHA,8 years old,daughter of MR KALYAN KUMAR SINGHA .Oh! please say yes.
Tahreem Aftab
Can you make a videoabout a "Super nova"
atika suraiya
I love you Dr. Bincos .... 😚😘 Keep updating your interesting videos 🤗
liam fox
can u do invention of a bike and tv and a I pad
Chandrika Kotha
You are amazing Dr binocs

Rajesh Raina
Really attractive video.I am sure many people would join after seeing this video. Well done whole team.
Havya Puppala
I like your shows .
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The Five Spooky Monster Finger PEEKABOO KIDZ | Dr. Binocs - AWARD 1 day ago   00:00

The Five Spooky Monster Finger Family | Halloween Songs for Kids by Annie and Ben | LIVE 🔴

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