Raw. Rich. Right on.

Jilli strives to make the best ice creams and sodas out there. Really. We use the freshest, most locally sourced ingredients possible and make as many of the base ingredients from scratch as we can; our banner photo shows some of the extracts we make.
To us, it's all about quality control--we want to ensure we are always using the best ingredients. 

We make our ice creams, desert sauces, and sodas in small batches and sell directly to the consumer; no middle man for us. We want to hear what our eaters have to say about our creations so we can perfect our recipes accordingly. We also want our eaters to meet around what, to us, are some of the most thoroughly enjoyed foods out there--really, who isn't nostalgic for delicious ice cream or soda? Tell us their names, and we'll confirm their heart is made of stone...or they're lactose intolerant.

So, grab a spoon and dig in!

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